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Updated September 8, 2010

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OOOoo-la!la! Quelle Mama? How do you fix "the best in the world"??...You don't!

  • BENTLEY ARNAGE salon. 6.75L V8 (450/500 hp). Just ducky, dearie. The economy is tough. Had to dump the Roller and fire the chauffeur. Good thing that Bentley's are all owner driven. Hard to pull out of MickeyD's in one of these without people laughing though. That's why it's best to have a Lamborghini as a second car.
  • BENTLEY AZURE I do miss my Bentley Turbo R convertible. Yee Haw! Just heard that Bentley Azure convertibles are now available. I'm going to start saving up all my nickels and dimes. I hope they can pop a turbo in it. Gawd knows the standard power plant is "More Than Adequate", but I wanna fly!!!
  • BENTLEY CONTINENTAL ultra luxury sedan. 6.0L W12 (552 bhp). Well, who would expect another sedan in the line-up? Now it's so hard to choose!
  • BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT ultra luxury sport coupe. 6.0L W12 (552 bhp). So you only planned for 1400 copies, but demand forced you up the ante to 2300 units. The profit$$$ must be Rollin in. How about a convertible here as well?
  • BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GTC ultra luxury convertible. 6.0L W12 (552 bhp). Ding dang, y'all! Sure glad to hear that the blokes at Crew? listen to their potential customers. Yeah, right!

Paris Hilton does her Bentley. Now, that's HOT!

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