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Updated September 8, 2010

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Now this is really cherry. Fixing Buick is really simple. Currently, Buick only attracts old geezers over 60 (and I don't mean MPH!). What Buick needs to do is reinvent itself to fit in today's marketplace. Take BMW and Mercedes, for instance. They attract old codgers too; but they also grab the eye of every young punk on the road. Furthermore Buick should move upscale and offer only All Wheel Drive. That way you will not only attract old geezers to the newly profitable line, but also the young yuppie and XYZ generations. Chinese sales will blossom!!!

  • Buick Riviera
  • Buick Regal
  • Buick Lacrosse
  • Buick Park Avenue.
  • I see a Pontiac G8 revival in GM's not too distant future.
  • Buick Roadmaster.
  • Downsize the Enclave and leave the large luxury CUV to the new Cadillac Escalade CUV. Roadmaster would be a more fitting moniker.