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Updated September 8, 2010

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Chrysler couldn't ask for a better CEO than Sergio Marchionne. Although I disagree with a number of his proposals, he at least envisions a truly workable plan to revive the once grand automaker. If he can turn around FIAT, he can just as easily turn around Chrysler.
Chrysler must increase its production and sales to about 2 million units annually. That requires only 7 auto assembly plants:
1. Brampton ONT would manufacture the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger.
2. Windsor ONT could assemble the Dodge Caravan and Dodge Journey.
3. Belvidere MI could be retooled to manufacture Fiat derived compacts
4. Sterling Heights could provide Fiat derived midsize vehicles
5. Jefferson could manufacture Chrysler and Dodge CUVs (Caliber, new Durango, and perhaps the Ducato van from Fiat)
6. Warren MI would continue manufacturing Dodge Ram and Dakota trucks.
7. Toledo OH would take over the manufacture of all Jeeps.
Furthermore, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealerships should be reduced to about 2000 or so across the country for the best overall efficiency.
I disagree with pairing Chrysler with Lancia, and would much rather see Chrysler paired with Alfa Romeo which has a more brand recognition in America than Lancia. Fiat should absorb Abarth and Lancia into its vocabulary selling three variations: Fiat, Fiat Abarth (sporty), and Fiat Lancia (luxury). Abarth and Lancia would devolve into subrands like the Denali package is to the GMC Yukon. Dodge could then draw its lines from Fiat. Sergio must endeavor to draw down the number of brands he has to juggle. Adding the Ram brand to Dodge is another boondoggle that should be scrapped also.

  • Chrysler 300
  • should top off the Alfa Romeo line and move more upscale to compete with BMW.
  • Chrysler 300X
  • would be a luxurious upscale Dodge Durango SUV.