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Anybody can prophesy. Prophesying is just as easy as riding a bicycle. You only learn by practising.


I guess you weren't expecting to be here, huh?

Many of you are aware of Chuck Youngbrandt's prophecy in 1977 of the destruction of New Orleans and the following earthquake predicted for St Louis on Sept 19 of this year. Chuck Pierce further confirmed this prophecy on 28 Aug 2004 exactly one year prior to the event. God always tells his prophets in advance of His plans.

Amazingly enough President Bush has called for a National Day of Prayer on Sept 16, 2005 for the people that suffered through Hurricane Katrina. Katrina means 'pure'. God is purifying the land and He will not be stopped. Note that the dead arose out of their graves in New Orleans. Not a pretty sight.

Folks, God is not asking for our prayers; He wants REPENTANCE! From now on, He will not hear our prayers without repentance. 3 days after the National Day of Prayer, we will 'hear' from God again when a major earthquake hits Springfield MO. There will be a second major tremblor to strike America's heartland 6 hours later. The shockwaves will run from St Louis all the way to Chicago. There is a possibility this quake could cause the water from the Great Lakes to divert to the Mississippi. Memphis could possibly become a lake.

Purification will continue on Sept 28th as two major earthquakes strike California on the same day: one in the north (Eureka) and one in the south (Coachella or Imperial Valley). This will be California's warning. If she does not repent and returns to her evil ways expect another more devastating earthquake in San Francisco 3 days later on Oct 1. This scenario can be delayed one year. Furthermore it is possible to delay it even further to 2010. But it will happen irregardless. 2010 is the BIG ONE everyone talks about that destroys Los Angeles.

If the earthquakes in California happens this month, then a volcano will erupt darkening the sky and covering the northwest with ash on Sept. 29. This event can be delayed one year also.

What is truly alarming though is October 4, 2005. On this day both Rosh Hosanna and Ramadan fall together. This day folks, is the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Rosh Hosanna will usher in the Jewish year 5766 (5x7x6x6=1260): the first 1260 days of the Great Tribulation! The tribulation will finally culminate on 21 Dec 2012, the day the Mayan calendar ends. The present material age will end, and a new heaven and new earth will emerge based on spiritual life. Two meteors that strike earth in 2011 and 2012 will cause a polar shift. The new north pole will be where the present magnetic north pole is. Thus the heavens will appear "new" to everyone remaining. The earth will be made new by all the flooding.

Hamas wanted to bomb the Dome of the Rock last year, but Yassir Arafat vetoed that idea. As a result Arafat was poisoned by Hamas who sought to place the blame on Israel. Hamas knew there would be no autopsy because Arafat was dying of AIDS anyway. AIDS would therefore cover up the evidence. With Arafat out of the way, Hamas can go ahead with the original plan to destroy the Dome of the Rock (the third most holy site to all Muslims) on Oct 4th. They will of course blame Israel which will incite Muslims around the world (all one billion of them) to jihad against Israel and the West. This could be the Abomination of the Desolation.

What follows on Dec 6/7 is horrifying to say the least. America will be blindsided by Osama Bin Laden who will set off nuclear explosions across the USA. Likely targets are: Seattle, San Francisco, Hollywood, Houston, Washington DC, New York City, Detroit, Chicago...Ever wonder when the "rapture" would take place? This is it. You will be with God in the clouds. Not exactly what you were thinking, right?

This was originally scheduled for August 6/9 to coincide with the bombing with Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1946. But Osama blocked the plan because of the risk of discovery was too great spread over a 3 day period. Simultaneous bombing on a single day was deemed more effective. Thus Pearl Harbor day revisted was chosen. However they have since decided to move it up one day on security concerns. This is the gist of the new Ramadan Offensive. BE PREPARED!


A couple of years ago I predicted that gasoline would pass $2.00 a gallon. Everybody laughed and said it could never happen. No one is laughing now.

God has since told me that gasoline would rise to $6.75 a gallon in America. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans gas stations in Atlanta listed prices from $5.87 to $6.07 a gallon. We're almost there folks!

Today (September 10, 2005) God has told me, "Soon you will be unable to buy gas at any price!"