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Central America may be poor economically, but it is rich in humanity. It does not have to be this way. They can have the best of both worlds. But divided the former colonies are weak. Therefore by re-uniting the former provinces of Spanish America under the banner of the Republic of Central America; Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaraugua, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize could emerge every bit a vibrant federation such as Canada.

The Economy
One of the first issues that a new Republic of Central America should consider will have to be the medium of exchange. The U.S. dollar is the defacto ruler of the free world today. Short of adopting the U.S. dollar outright, it would be wise to peg the RCA peso/dollar in direct relationship with the U.S. dollar.

Next a law should be enacted so that only products and services manufactured or rendered in RCA could be sold in RCA. This would create jobs and ensure a stable, controllable economy. Therefore companies wanting to do business in RCA would have to invest and locate there.

Foreign ownership of businesses in RCA should be limited to 50%.

Wage and Price Controls are a necessary step to improving the lifestyle of people living in Central America. The government should initiate the following wage scale:
1. $1.00 per hour Temporary Unskilled Workers, Recruit
2. $2.00 per hour for Unskilled Workers, Private
3. $3.00 per hour for Semi-skilled Workers, Corporal
4. $4.00 per hour for Skilled Worker, Sergeant
5. $5.00 per hour for Foreman, Lieutenant, AA
6. $6.00 per hour for Supervisor, Colonel, BA
7. $7.00 per hour for Manager, Major, MA
8. $8.00 per hour for President, General, Phd
9. $9.00 per hour for State Assemblymen
10. $10.00 per hour for State Governors
11. $11.00 per hour for Federal Senators
12. $12.00 per hour for Federal Executives, CEO