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Updated September 8, 2010

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Jeep's vision should be to manufacture the best SUVs in the world. Which means there is ample opportunity for growth in the high end competing with Land Rover, et al. Leave the CUVs to Chrysler and Dodge. That means dump the Patriot and Compass ASAP as they are not true Jeeps at all.

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Commander

  • I have a soft spot for Volkswagen. VW has a lot going for it (especially the adorable little Beetle) and VW can be a major contender again, if it acts quickly. But first you gotta breathe some life back into the current brands:
    VOLKSWAGEN (ho-hum), see more at Jamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Volkswagen
    PORSCHEJamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Porsche
    AUDI(the comeback kid), see more at Jamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Audi
    SEAT and SKODA (won't even go there)
    BENTLEY (for buck$$$), see more at Jamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Bentley
    LAMBORGHINI (for laughs), see more at Jamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Lamborghini
    BUGATTI (what for??), see more at Jamie Peterson's Guide to Fixing Bugatti
    From Bugs to Bugattis Volkswagen covers the spectrum like no other auto manufacturer today. Is there a bug in your future?
    Volkswagen should copy a page out of Toyota's handbook. Volkswagen's styling and line-up is way out of date. You need to attract younger buyers to the brand. A major overhaul is required in the design department. This would increase public awareness of Volkswagen's ongoing commitment and determination to offer the best cars in the world.
    NEW MUNDO would be VW's answer to the Toyota Pruis hybrid. If VW was selling this puppy, just think of how many curious buyers would show up at your doorstep.
    Tuner Cars
    NEWGOLF TC would be similar to Scion tC.
    GOLF GTi hatchbacks. Offer 1.9L I5 (100 bhp); 2.0L I4 (115 bhp); 1.8L Turbo4 (180 bhp).
    NEWGOLF Xb would be similar to Scion Xb.
    Compact Cars
    GHIA Resurrect a sports coupe/convertible for VW.
    BEETLE should be available as a coupe or convertible. Offer 2.5L I5 (150 bhp); 1.9L I4 (100 bhp). Does anyone know how many cheerleaders [with or without pom-poms] you can squeeze into a Love Bug?
    NEWJETTA should resemble Toyota Corolla. Offer 1.9L I4 (100 bhp); 2.5L I5 (150 bhp); 2.0L Turbo4 (200 bhp).
    NEW VANDAL miniwagon similar to Opel Meriva.
    Midsize Cars
    PASSAT should resemble Toyota Camry. Offer 1.8L Turbo4 (180 bhp); 2.8L V6 (190 bhp).
    VANGO minivan similar to Toyota Sienna.
    Sport Utility Vehicles
    ALPINE sport utility vehicle.
    TOUREG sport utility vehicle. Offer 3.2L V6 (240 bhp); 4.2L V8 (310 bhp).
    Now set up 3 Volkswagen assembly plants in America, 3 in Europe, and 3 in Asia. This gives you the potential to manufacture and sell 3 million vehicles per year. Also include one factory for Audi; one for Porsche; one for Bentley; and one for Lamborghini. Eliminate Seat and Skoda, or rebadge VWs. This will give you a lean and mean operation.
    Stress Quality and Service. Your service technicians should be the loneliest people on the planet (just like the Maytag repairman). Sooner or later your Volkswagen customer will meet a Toyota owner and discover your repair record is not normal.